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Mega Glide
Silicone Classic

The carefully coordinated components silicone lubricant that is suitable for all forms of erotic games meet only a few drops to reach an exceptionally long-lasting lubrication to. Also suitable as a massage agent. Soothes the skin and imparts a pleasant skin feeling silky and supple.

Whether vigorous kneading or damp caresses: Mega Glide Silicone Classic beautifies all games between the bodies. Completely tasteless, odorless and with a comfortable one-handed closure - our top-fluid leaves the love run wild. Very productive for a long time desire. Condom, grease and oil free, hypoallergenic, no preservatives.

Mega Glide Silicone Classic is available in the following sizes :

1,5 ml Sachet 0,45 €*

3 ml Ampoule 1,05 €*

15 ml Bottle 3,10 €*

30 ml Bottle 5,90 €*

 100 ml Bottle 11,90 €*

250 ml Bottle 23,95 €*

500 ml Bottle 47,15 €*

1000 ml Bottle 79,50 €*


  • dermatologically tested
  • extremely long-lasting lubrication
  • for use with latex condoms
  • tasteless and colorless
  • with leak-proof lock lever
  • very productive
  • not sticky
  • Oil and fragrance free
  • no preservatives
  • CE-marked, approved as a medical


Enter as often and as much as you want MEGAGLIDE Silicone Classic on body sites where you need extra moisture. 


Not a contraceptive, store at room temperature, carefully sealed again after use, do not expose to direct sunlight

* Praise value added 19 % tax inclusive plus dispatch