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Eros 101 ProLong

Enjoy your sex without fear present a hastily.

The composition of the sprayable solution gently lowers the stimulus sensation of the glans during lovemaking. The caring component of the formulation to give the member a supple feel and a pleasant odor.

EROS 101 ProLong Spray is available in the following sizes:

100 ml Spay 9,95 €*


  • EROS 101 Prolong's skin and mucous friendly
  • water-soluble
  • grease

Distributed 2-3 short sprays - evenly over the glans penis and - gently massage and soak briefly. After spraying a short wait and then another lubricant if you want to use. The application is supported by the use of a lubricant such as silicon - EROS Super Concentrated Bodyglide or EROS Love Bodyglide.


* Praise value added 19 % tax inclusive plus dispatch

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